FAQ: CBME Program Dashboard

What form types are currently supported?

Currently, the assessment plan builder and CBME Program Dashboard only support: Supervisor Forms, Field Notes, PPAs (with global entrustment item), Procedure Forms, and Rubric/Flex Forms (with global entrustment item). It does not currently support PPAs/Rubrics that do not have the global entrustment item added.

The dashboard says "No Assessment Plan" for some of my learners but not others. Why does this happen?

The CBME Program dashboard and the assessment plan builder take both form versions and EPA versions into consideration. This means that in order for the dashboard to generate correct assessment counts, you need to enter assessment plans for all active EPA versions, and in some cases, all form versions. Remember, your competence committee still has access to all learner data and can 'overrule' the system by marking an EPA as Approved in these (and other) cases. The dashboard should not be the sole source of information for competence committees.

Some of my learners are showing no progress, but I know that they have assessments completed on them. What can cause this?

The CBME Program Dashboard only counts assessments that have published assessment plans linked to them. In some cases, you may have assessments that were completed on older form versions that do not have a plan, or you have not yet built assessment plans for your new forms, so the dashboard does not count these assessments. Additionally, some form types are currently not supported such as PPAs and Rubrics that are not tagged to any EPAs. If a learner has gathered assessments on a previous EPA version and is now on a new version (e.g., assessed initially on F3-Version 1, but was given F3-Version 2 midstream) these archived assessments will not display on the program dashboard since it only displays the learner's current EPA versions. To view archived assessment data, navigate to the learner's CBME dashboard.

How often is the dashboard updated?

At most schools, the CBME Program Dashboard is updated on a once-nightly basis.

Does the program dashboard include assessments completed by external assessors?

Yes, the program dashboard does include assessments completed by external assessors.

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