Archived Assessments

What is an archived assessment?

An archived assessment is a CBME assessment that was completed on a resident using an EPA from a previous curriculum version. Assessments are archived only when a program uploads new versions of their EPAs but a resident has already collected assessments in the stage beyond the one they are currently in. In this case, the resident still receives the new EPAs for all future stages; however, all completed assessments from the old versions of those stages/EPAs are “archived”.

From the "Stages" tab, each EPA card displays how many assessments have been archived for that EPA. Expand the card for more detail.

In the example above the learner has 3 "current" assessments, and 3 "archived" assessments from a previous EPA version.

When on the "Assessments" tab, archived assessments are identifiable by locating the grey square beside the form title. Current assessments will not have the grey square beside the form title. The image below shows 3 archived assessments.

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