Choose Competency and Curriculum Tag Options

After you upload an EPA Template, Step 2 is to define how you'd like to continue mapping your EPAs. Each program has two decisions to make: 1. Competency Options: Decide whether or not to upload course/program specific key and enabling competencies. If you select to use the standard key and enabling competencies (e.g., CanMEDS key and enabling competencies) the system will copy the items previously uploaded via Manage Curriculum and make them the program's default key and enabling competencies. 2. Curriculum Tag Options: Decide whether to map EPAs to Milestones or Enabling Competencies. Most programs will map their EPAs to Milestones.

The ability to choose whether to use course/program specific competencies vs. the standard list is configurable in the Elentra settings table. This means that with a developer's help it is possible to prevent users from having the Competency Options choice. If you get to an option that ONLY asks about Curriculum Tag Options, consult with your CBME implementation lead as to whether your organization should enable the option to provide program specific KCs and ECs.

  • Make your selections using the radio buttons, then click 'Save Competency and Curriculum Tag Options."

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