Import Enabling Competencies Mapping Template

A program needs to complete this template OR the Milestones Template, not both. Most programs will map milestones and there is no need to complete this template. Users define which option they will use in Step 2 of the import CBME process.

Completing the Enabling Competencies Template

  • EPA code: Codes should be recorded in uppercase letters. Codes should refer to the stage of training and the EPA number. e.g. D1, D2, D3, F1, C2. Using consistent codes across your program and school is important.The system is setup to accept the following codes for learner stage: D: Transition to Discipline F: Foundations of Discipline C: Core Discipline P: Transition to Practice

  • Enabling Competency Code: Note that the template already includes a list of Enabling Competency Codes using the CanMEDS role prefixes. In the first column, simply add the EPAs codes you wish to map to each enabling competency.

    If there are unmapped Enabling Competency Codes left over you must delete those rows before you upload your .csv file.

Mapping multiple EPAs to one enabling competency

The system is designed to allow multiple EPAs to map to one milestone. To do so, simply insert a comma between the EPA code entries in the first column.

Save as a .csv and upload

After saving your file as a .csv, scroll to step 5 on the Import CBME screen and either search for or drag and drop the file into place. You'll see a green checkmark when your file is successfully uploaded.

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