Viewing the EPA Encyclopedia and EPA Maps

After sufficient information has been added to the system, a user can generate a map showing the connections between EPAs, roles, key competencies, enabling competencies, and milestones. This information can be accessed through the EPA Encyclopedia or a program's CBME page.

EPA Encyclopedia

From the dashboard, access the EPA Encyclopedia from the left sidebar on the Helpful Links card.

There are several filter options when viewing the EPA Encyclopedia.

  1. Search for a specific learner. After you select a learner the page will refresh to show that learner's program(s).

  2. Switch between multiple programs as needed.

  3. Search for a specific EPA by typing in an EPA code or key word. Elentra will search the EPA title, detailed description and entrustment for a match.

  4. Switch between CBME Curriculum versions as needed.

After clicking on an EPA, click on Detailed Description, Entrustment or Program Map to view details about the EPA.

Viewing Maps from the CBME page

This option is only available to users with Admin > Manage Courses access (e.g. program directors, curriculum coordinators, program coordinators).

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage course/program and select a course.

  • Click CBME and the Map Curriculum tab.

  • Scroll down to click on an EPA or type the beginning of the EPA code and title into the dialogue box and click on the relevant EPA when it appears below.

  • Hover the mouse over a point on the map to view the complete text for the mapped item.

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