Editing Existing EPAs

You can make minor edits to existing EPAs and milestones through the user interface.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.

  • From the cog menu beside the course name, select 'CBME.'

  • From the tab menu below the Competency-Based Medical Education header, click on Import CBME Data.

  • To make minor edits to EPA titles, detailed descriptions, or entrustment statements:

    • Click "Actions"

    • Click "Edit EPAs"

  • To make minor edits to Milestones:

    • Click "Actions"

    • Click "Edit Milestones"

  • Edit the EPA text, detailed descriptions, or Entrustment as required for each EPA. Then click "Save Changes" for each EPA that you have changed.

Note that this should only be used to make small modifications to this information and should not change the meaning of the text.

If you edit an EPA, it will be updated automatically across the system including on all completed forms. If you edit any milestones, you will have to republish forms on which they are used. Edits made to milestones will not be made on already published forms.

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