Modifying Contextual Variable Responses

After a program has uploaded an initial set of contextual variable responses, they can be managed through the CBME tab.

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses/Programs.

  • Search for the appropriate course as needed and from the cog menu on the right, select 'CBME'.

  • Click on 'CV Responses' from the tab menu below the Competency-Based Medical Education heading.

  • To modify the contextual variable responses, click the title of the contextual variable or click 'Show' to the right of the one you want to edit.

  • To edit an existing response, make the required change and click the green disk icon in the Save column.

  • To delete an existing response, click the red minus button beside the response.

  • To add a new contextual variable response, click 'Add Response' at the bottom of the category window. This will open a blank response space at the end of the list. Fill in the required content and save.


If you get a yellow bar across the screen when you try to modify contextual variables it means none have been uploaded for the program you are working in. Return to the Import CBME tab and complete Step 4.

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