Contextual Variable Groups

Within a given contextual variable, you are able to create groups of responses. This is leveraged in the assessment plan builder to allow you to specify exactly what requirements learners must meet.

You must be in an administrative role to manage contextual variables.

  • Click Admin > Manage Courses

  • Beside the appropriate program name, click the small gear icon, then click "CBME"

  • Click on the "CV Responses" tab

  • Click on any contextual variable category to expand the card. To add a new group within that contextual variable, click on the green "Manage Groups" button.

  • To add a new group, click "Add Group". To edit an existing group, click on the group title.

  • Add a title for the contextual variable group and an optional description. Check off all responses that you wish to add to the group and then click "Save Group".

  • After saving, you can now use the Group contextual variable types within the assessment plan builder.

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