Accessing Templates for Importing CBME Data

After the required, standard key and enabling competencies tag sets have been populated, all programs must also complete and upload multiple templates through the CBME tab for a program. Note that program directors and program coordinators will have access to the CBME tab for their affiliated programs only. The templates to complete are:

  • The EPA Template

  • The Program Specific Key Competency Template (optional)

  • The Program Specific Enabling Competency Template (optional)

  • The Milestones Template (or the Enabling Competency Map Template)

  • The Contextual Variables Template

Accessing CBME Curriculum Mapping Templates

  • Navigate to Admin > Manage Courses.

  • Search for the required program (you may only have access to one depending on your role in your organization).

  • Using the gear icon beside the program name, click 'CBME'.

  • Click 'Import CBME Data' from the tab menu below the Competency-Based Medical Education heading.

  • With the introduction of EPA Versioning, you will now be prompted to indicate which EPAs you are changing. Note that if you are uploading a program's CBME data for the first time, this does not apply and you can click 'Next' on Steps 1 and 2 to move forward.

  • After skipping Steps 1 and 2, you'll arrive at a screen showing Steps 1 - 3 for importing CBME data.

  • On the right you will see a dropdown menu titled 'Download Example CSV Templates'.

  • Click on the required template and it will download to your computer. Look for it in your downloads file if it doesn't immediately open.

Why are there two enabling competency templates?

  • Use the Enabling Competency Template to import program-specific enabling competencies.

  • Use the Enabling Competency Map Template only if a program chooses to map EPAs to enabling competencies instead of milestones.

There are two similarly named templates because of two options available: the option to import program specific enabling competencies, and the option to map EPAs to enabling competencies instead of milestones. Most programs will map EPAs to milestones and will never use the 'Enabling Competency Map Template.' However, if you have a program piloting CBME before its national launch they may choose to map to enabling competencies if milestones aren't finalized yet and we have left that option available.

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