Mapping Curriculum

To ensure CBME works correctly, each organisation that has CBME enabled must have a developer or technical administrator set the default_stage_objectivesetting value in the elentra_me.settingstable to the global_lu_objectives.objective_idof the first stage of competence (ex: Transition to Discipline).

Mapping Entrustable Professional Activities, Key and Enabling Competencies, Milestones, Contextual Variable Responses and Procedure Attributes for each program is what allows administrators to use the CBME form templates to quickly create assessment tools. There are two stages in mapping curriculum; in the first stage a central administrator (e.g. PGME office) needs to configure Elentra, then, in the second stage, the curriculum information specific to each program needs to be uploaded.

Steps taken once, at the organisational level, include:

  • Auto-setup CBME features,

  • Import standard list of Key and Enabling Competencies,

  • Import custom list of contextual variables as needed, and

  • Build assessment rating scales as needed.

Then individual programs can upload Entrustable Professional Activities, program-specific Key and Enabling Competencies (if desired), Milestones, Contextual Variable Responses and Procedure Attributes.

Whether you allow courses/programs to upload their own specific key and enabling competencies is an optional database setting (setting = cbme_standard_kc_ec_objectives). If you need to change this setting, speak to a developer.

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