Recommendations for CBME User Roles

Ideally your users will be loaded into Elentra from a central, authoritative source like a student information system. Manually adding users through Admin>Manage Users is a possibility and more detailed instructions for using this tool are available here.

If you are manually setting up CBME users, please note the following:

  • Resident learners should be assigned group: student, role: student.

  • Program Administrators should be assigned group: staff, role: Pcoordinator. Further, they must be assigned to a specific program in order to access the relevant CBME and Assessment and Evaluation features. To give specific staff more ability to act within Elentra set them up as Staff>Admin. Note that Staff>Admin have access to almost all features of Elentra and can access System Settings.

  • Faculty should be assigned group: faculty, role: faculty, lecturer, or director depending on their role. Someone with faculty director permissions will still have to be added to a specific program in order to access the relevant CBME and A and E features. Faculty directors will have access to all faculty evaluations within their department (except their own).

  • Any faculty, regardless of their role, can be added to Competence Committees through a course/program setup page or as Academic Advisors through the program Groups tab. (Additional instructions for each are in additional lessons.)

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