PAs Entering Completed Forms

PAs can enter completed assessment forms on behalf of assessors. This allows faculty to complete a pen and paper version of a form and have the data entered into Elentra.

To enter a completed form on someone's behalf:

  • Navigate to Admin>Assessment & Evaluation.

  • Click on the green 'Record Assessment' button below the orange Assessment Tasks heading.

  • Select a resident (you will need to know the curriculum period the learner is in) and assessor from the searchable dropdown menus.

  • Select a CBME Version if necessary.

  • Select a Date of Encounter (i.e., the day the form was completed).

  • Select an EPA as you would to initiate a form. Filters and search are available.

  • Search for the appropriate form. You can preview the form to make sure it is the one you want or click 'Begin Assessment' to start a form.

  • You will be submitting the assessment on behalf of the selected assessor. There is a reminder of the selected assessor displayed at the top of the form in a yellow information bar.

  • Complete the form and click Submit.

  • You will get a green success message and be returned to the assessment entry screen to complete another form if needed.

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