Initiate Assessment/Evaluation: Faculty

From the Dashboard, faculty click the green 'Start Assessment/Evaluation' button on the right side of the screen.

First, faculty select an On-Demand Workflow which will dictate which forms become available to select. These options will only display if an organisation has form work-flows configured. If None is the only available option, select None and continue.

After selecting an on-demand workflow, the choices a user has will depend on the workflow they are completing. In this example, we'll complete an EPA form.

Next faculty select a learner. They can begin to type a name to limit the list of options. When they mouse over a name, they can see the learner's name and photo (if uploaded).

Set a date of encounter.

If the learner is enrolled in two programs the faculty will have to specify a program.

Next faculty select an EPA.

For a reminder on what is included in a specific EPA the black question mark provides a quick link to the EPA Encyclopedia (see above).

Users can easily navigate the list of EPAs by applying preset filters including Current Stage EPAs, Current Rotation EPAs, and Priority EPAs. Click on a filter title to apply it. In the example above the Priority EPAs filter is being applied.

After an EPA is selected, the available assessment tools will be displayed. Learners can search the tools by beginning to type in the search bar. Note the small clock in the top right of each tool card. This is an estimate of how long the form will take to complete based on the experience of other users.

Faculty can click 'Preview This Form' to view the form and ensure it is the one they want or they can click 'Begin Assessment' on any tool to begin.

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