Using the Versioning Wizard

Navigate to the CBME Sub-Module

  1. Log in to Elentra.

  2. Click "Admin" at top right

  3. Click "Manage Programs"

  4. Select your program.

  5. Click "CBME"

  6. Click "Import CBME Data".

Add New Version

  1. Click "Actions"

  2. Click "Add New Version"

Versioning Wizard Step 1

In this step, simply indicate which EPAs will be:

  1. Replaced

  2. Changing

  3. Not Changing

  4. Retired

Note: Each program can only have one version "in progress" at a time. You can continue editing that new version, or reset the progress.


Select this option if you wish to replace the EPA entirely, including all milestones. This option will require you to have a complete set of CSV files for the objectives that are being replaced (all EPAs, all Milestones), rather than just the changes. Use this option if you have many changes to implement across EPAs and milestones.


Select this option to retire an EPA (remember, think in terms of EPA Code, e.g. "C11") from the next version. This means that there will be no new version of that EPA Code (C11) in the next curriculum version. If you include an EPA with the retired code in the spreadsheet, it will not get uploaded. You are unlikely to use this status for EPAs unless there is an EPA at the end of your numbering that is being removed. For example, you have D1, D2, D3, D4 currently. You are retiring D4 from the next version and no new D4 will be uploaded.

For milestones, a “retired” status will remove that milestone from that EPA in the new version. This means that there will be no new version of that milestone for that EPA. It will not retire it from other EPAs unless you explicitly tell it to.


The objective will be changing. This will allow you to upload new EPA and Milestone text. For a milestone (or competency), if you select “changing” for that milestone under one EPA, the system will update all other instances of that milestone to “changing”. This will ensure that you only have one version of that milestone.

Not changing

The objectives will remain unchanged. This exact version of the objective will be carried-forward into the new curriculum version. Note that selecting this option will stop any objectives with the same code from being uploaded.

Versioning Wizard Step 2

In this step, indicate which KCs, ECs, and Milestones will be: Changing, Not changing, or Retired.

If you marked all of your EPAs as "Replaced," you can click next without needing to go through each EPA.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are any milestones in a Changing EPA that you want removed, you MUST mark them as RETIRED. This is with respect to the Milestone code - if "C PR4.3.2" will no longer be in this EPA, mark it as retired.

If you would like to add a new Milestone to an EPA only, then just set the EPA to changing and nothing else.

Note that "retiring" a milestone will only retire it from that EPA and no others unless otherwise indicated.

Import CBME Data

Upload CSV file with new and/or changing EPAs

You will notice that the yellow box at the top will list all objectives that have been set to changing. You can still upload new EPAs and Milestones that were not already in the system.

Choose the file and click "Save and upload EPAs"

IF APPLICABLE: Upload Key and Enabling Competencies

Moving forward, we are recommending that programs upload the specialty-specific EC and KC files. This is especially important for programs that have added or removed KCs or ECs (e.g., Otolaryngology).

Upload CSV file with new and/or changing Milestones

Choose the file and click "Save and upload Milestones".

Some programs at Queen's only mapped to the Enabling competency level. If you will continue mapping to enabling competencies, and are not converting to milestones, skip the milestone upload and use Step 6 to upload your EC map. If you are converting to milestones, use the milestone upload.

When the upload is complete, click "Next".

Versioning Wizard Step 3

Confirm the Version

This overview lists all of the EPAs and their version status. When you are ready to publish the new version of the curriculum, click the blue "Publish" button.

REMINDER: Please ensure that all of your learners are in the correct stage (on their CBME Dashboards) prior to publishing the new curriculum version. The green checkmark on the stage indicates that the learner has completed that stage. A learner is currently in the stage that comes after the last green stage checkmark. Failing to ensure that learners are in the correct stages will result in those learners receiving (or not receiving) new stages when they shouldn't have. If you do this by accident, there is a developer tool to reset the learners stages - please contact the support team if you need help with this.

As soon as you have published your new version, you will need to build tools for all of the new or changing EPAs before residents can be assessed on them.

The new curriculum version will be available the next day. For most installations, new versions are published nightly.

Build and Publish Assessment Tools for the New Version

Now that you have finished creating your new curriculum version, please ensure that you create new assessment tools for any changed/replaced/new EPAs. After the published version is live, learners will not be able to be assessed on any new/changed EPAs until the new tools have been built. Remember that in most cases this will have minimal impact, since the learners only get the new version for the stages beyond the one they are currently in.

Please do not delete forms or form templates from previous versions unless you are certain that there are no longer any learners using that version.

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