Creating and Managing Forms

CBME includes specific form templates to reduce the amount of work administrative staff have to do to create the assessment forms courses/programs will use. Elentra also supports generic forms (including rubrics) which can also be leveraged by the CBME tools including the individual dashboard, program dashboard and assessment plan builder. Specific details for each form type are included in other lessons but here is some general information about creating forms.

  • Form Permissions: These permissions dictate who has access to and can edit a form or form template while it is still a draft. To quickly make a form available to multiple users consider adding a program permission to the form (that will give anyone affiliated with that program (e.g. PA, PD) and with access to the administration of forms access to that form).

    • Note that a form must be permissioned to a course to be used in an on-demand workflow.

  • Form Instructions: To include instructions on a form template, look in the Form Template Information section and click the box beside 'Include Instructions.' This will open a rich text editor where you can type. What you type here will be included on all forms generated from this template. You could include specifics about the use of a form, the number of assessments a learner must complete, or even the key features of an EPA. Remember that each form produced will have the same instructions so if you include key features make sure they only relate to the applicable EPAs for the template.

  • Publish a Form: To make a form template generate forms to be available for learners or faculty to trigger you must publish the form template. Most installations of Elentra run a behind-the-scenes action to publish form templates every hour or so.

  • Editing a Form: Once a form template is published you cannot change the content of the resulting forms (you can change permissions or rearranged item order on published forms). If there is an error on a form you will need to copy the form, correct the error, and publish your new form. You can delete old forms but note that any already completed assessments will remain on the learner dashboard.

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