Automated Standard Rotation Evaluations

This option allows administrators to enable automated standard rotation evaluations at the rotation level. The setting is available when configuring rotations (the setting preference will also copy if rotations are copied to another rotation schedule).

Developer assistance will be required to use this option as a developer must add the appropriate form type in the database and build the templated items (there is no user interface to build the templated items).


  • Have a standard rotation evaluation form built for each course/program using it (note that the form must be permissioned to the course).

  • Be using the Elentra rotation schedule to book learners into rotations.

Each program/course can only have one standard rotation evaluation form active at a time. If you create a second form of this type it will override the first form you made.

If you want to use the automated standard rotation evaluation feature, when you build a rotation, make sure to check off the "Automated standard rotation evaluation" button. Set the preferred delivery schedule for these automated tasks.

To report on forms completed this way, please use the "Automatic Rotation Evaluations (Aggregated)"

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