Standard Rotation and Faculty Evaluation Options

Elentra provides several different distribution methods to allow users to easily collect feedback on courses, events, rotations and faculty. If you wish to reduce workload on your administrative staff and your organization has developed a standard rotation and faculty evaluation form, there are some additional options available.

1) On-demand workflows using standard rotation evaluation forms and standard faculty evaluation forms let learners initiate those forms when needed.

2) If your organization uses the rotation scheduler and a standard form to evaluate rotations within courses/programs, you could also use the automatic standard rotation evaluation option. This feature is enabled when you build rotations, and removes the need to have distributions or use workflows for rotation evaluations. Instead, each course/program can create a standard rotation evaluation form based on a preset list of items, and the form will be auto-distributed to learners based on their rotation schedules. This option requires developer assistance.

Please note that the automatic rotation evaluation option is specifically to support rotation evaluations, and that course evaluations should still be sent via distributions.

Implementation Notes

If your organization wants to use a standard faculty or rotation evaluation form a developer will need to add those two form types to the database and associate them with the correct organisation (relevant table: cbl_assessments_form_type_organisation).

Additionally, a developer will need to create the standard rotation evaluation items. These items that will be included on every standard rotation evaluation form (courses/programs will be able to add additional items as needed).

Once the form types and standard items are added, administrative users can build standard rotation evaluation forms and publish them as needed.

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