Reopen and Edit Completed Forms

Reopening completed forms is an optional feature that can be turned on or off in the database settings file depending on how your organization wants to use it.

There is a tool to allow staff:admin users to reopen a completed assessment and edit it as needed.

  • Navigate to your Assessment & Evaluation badge (beside own name in the top left).

  • Click on My Learners and then Assessments under a specific learner's name.

  • From the list of Tasks Completed on Learner click on a task to view it.

  • Click the "Reopen Task" button just below the form title. This will set the task to in-progress and the staff>admin or faculty will be able to adjust it.

  • Provide a reason to reopen the task (e.g. was accidentally deleted, was missing data, other).

  • Click 'Reopen Task'.

  • Once reopened, a user can complete the task and submit it on behalf of the original assessor, or they can forward the task to the original assessor to update.

Use with caution!

This tool should be used judiciously to ensure that residents are not ”gaming” the system and bullying anyone into changing their assessments to be more favourable.

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