Forward Tasks

Forward Tasks from the Admin. A & E Dashboard

Important note re: forwarding tasks in a distribution

Currently, when a user forwards an assessment task sent via distribution, it removes that task from the distribution. Please take note of this if your faculty routinely forward assessment tasks. The task still exists for the new user to complete and once completed by the new assessor, the task can be viewed from a Learner's Assessments tab; however, the task will be gone from the distribution and as such can be harder to monitor and will also be excluded from the Weighted CSV Report available from the Completed Tab in the Distribution Report.

Administrators can forward tasks on behalf of assessors/evaluators.

  • Navigate to Admin > Assessment & Evaluation.

  • Filter the task list as necessary to find the task you want.

  • Open the task.

  • Click 'Forward Task'.

  • Choose a user to forward the task to.

    • Note that emails will be sent to the old and new assessor/evaluator.

  • Click 'Forward Task'.

  • You will get a success message. Close the success message to return to the A & E Dashboard.

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