One of the distribution methods supported by Elentar is a delegation. This can be used with a date-based or rotation-based distribution to send tasks to a delegator to send to the appropriate assessor/evaluator at a later date. If there are multiple targets for a delegation, users will be able to forward some tasks to one assessor, and other tasks to another assessor.

How to complete a delegation

  • If a distribution was created using a delegation, the designated user needs to complete the delegation by assigning assessors.

  • Log in as the delegator.

  • From the Assessment Tasks tab, click on the relevant assessment.

  • You'll see a list of targets in a table.

  • Click the checkbox beside a target name.

  • At the bottom right click 'Select Assessors'.

  • Search for as assessor and click the checkbox beside the assessor name.

  • If you need to add an additional internal and/or external assessor you may do so by clicking the 'Add Additional Assessor' button. This will allow you to enter the name of an internal user and/or email address of an existing external assessor. You can even add a new external assessor if necessary.

  • After adding the required assessors, click 'Proceed to Confirm Assessments'.

  • If you wish to mark the delegation as complete, click the checkbox. This will move the task to the delegator's My Completed Tasks list. If you have targets without assessors/evaluators, you will receive a warning. If you'd rather that the task to stay on the Assessment Tasks tab, do not click the checkbox.

  • Confirm your choice by clicking 'Create Assessment Tasks'.

  • The list of targets and assessors/evaluators will be updated with the newly entered information.

In the date range based delegation above, the delegator has assigned 2 targets to Alex Adams and 2 to Bennett Adkins. The rest of the tasks will be assigned at a later date.

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