Optionally Release Completed Evaluation Tasks

Disable Target Release option on Evaluations

In ME 1.14 Elentra introduced a way for learner's to optionally release completed evaluation tasks to the targets of the task. In effect, a learner can complete an evaluation of a faculty member and choose to immediately release the completed task to said faculty member. The faculty can see who the feedback came from (in contrast, if you allow faculty to run reports on a distribution of which they are a target, they do not see the personal details of the evaluators).

While advantageous in some circumstances, allowing learners to optionally release completed evaluation tasks to facutly is not desirable to all organisations. There are database settings that can be used to turn this feature on or off at the course and organisation level. To use these you need a developers help. However, you can also control the learner's ability to release completed evaluation tasks at the distribution level on Step 1 of the distribution wizard.

The Disable Target Release option will only be visible on Evaluation tasks and it does not impact the faculty member's ability to create a report on a distribution (that is still controlled by the distribution in Step 5 of the distribution wizard).

To see what the learner experiences when allowed to optionally release completed evaluation tasks, please see here.

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