Feedback Options (Distribution Step 4)

When completing a distribution you will notice a "Feedback Options" section in Step 4 if the assessor is set to faculty members (it will not appear when the assessor/evaluator is set to learners). If you check this off it will add an item to the form for this distribution asking both the assessor and the target whether or not they met to discuss the target's performance (see sample text below).

You might choose to use this option and add the item if you want to collect data on how often preceptors are meeting with learners.

In effect, this tool adds two items to a form. The first item will appear as above for the assessor to complete. Once the form is completed it will be stored in the learner's "Tasks Completed On Me" tab. The learner can access the form from there, and the learner will also receive an email notification that they can take action on the form.

The form is available for the learner to complete and answer the same question from their perspective. The comment box is available for learners to record any additional details.

As of Elentra ME 1.17, there is no reporting tool to compare learner and assessor responses, although they can be viewed on any completed forms. There is also no visual cue to an admin user that the response from the learner is pending; if there is no learner response displaying it means the learner hasn't answered the question.

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