Delegation Distributions

You can use a delegation distribution to send tasks to a delegator who can then forward the tasks to the appropriate assessor/evaluator. The use case for this might be setting up a distribution at the beginning of the year and not knowing exactly which preceptors will be working in a specific environment. You can send the distribution to a staff member who can forward the tasks once a clinic schedule is set or send the distribution to a user who is actually the target of the task and can then delegate the task to the appropriate assessor/evaluator.

Add New Distribution

  • Navigate to Admin > Assessment and Evaluation.

  • Click 'Distributions' above the Assessment and Evaluation heading.

  • Click 'Add New Distribution'.


  • Distribution Title: Provide a title. This will display on the list of Distributions that curriculum coordinators and program coordinators can view.

  • Distribution Description: Description is optional.

  • Task Type: Hover over the question mark for more detail about how Elentra qualifies assessments versus evaluations. If a distribution is to assess learners, it's an assessment. If it is to evaluate courses, faculty, learning events, etc. it is an evaluation. Notice that the language on Step 4 will change if you switch your task type.

  • Disable Target Release: This will only display for Evaluations. If you do not want evaluators to be able to release the form to the target upon completion, check this box. If left unchecked, evaluators will be able to release the form to the target upon completion.

  • Assessment/Evaluation Mandatory: This will be checked off be default.

  • Disable Reminders: Check this box to exclude this distribution from reminder notification emails.

  • Select Form: The form you want to distribute must already exist; pick the appropriate form.

  • Select a Curriculum Period: The curriculum period you select will impact the list of available learners and associated faculty.

  • Select a Course: The course you select will impact the list of available learners and associated faculty.

  • Click 'Next Step'


  • Distribution Method: Select 'Delegation' from the dropdown menu.

  • Delegator: Click Browse Delegators and select the appropriate name from the dropdown menu. You can only select one delegator.

  • Delegation Options:

    • Delegation based on date range

    • Delegation based on rotation schedule

  • Delegator Type:

    • The delegator is an individual

    • The delegator is the target

  • From this point forward the distribution wizard will be configured based on whether you selected a date range or rotation-based distribution. Please refer the the help pages for those two methods to continue through the wizard.

Note that when creating a delegation distribution you will still be asked to provide a list of assessors/evaluators. The users you add to this list will be made available to the delegator to select from a quick pick list. The delegator will optionally be able to search for and add additional assessors/evaluators as needed.

Completing a Delegation

Please see here for more information about how to complete a delegation task.

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