Reporting and Tracking Absences (Learners)

Learners can report their absences through their profile options located in the top right.

Dashboard Overview

  • A list of the requests the have made will be on this page. Icons will indicate whether or not requests are approved. Each request can be expanded (+sign icon) to allow learners to see more details about the request.

  • Students who reach the maximum number of unapproved absences set by the staff/admin when creating the pool, will receive a notification on their Elentra ME Message Center (main dashboard).

  • Clicking on the Absence Dashboard table will show the student which learning events they were marked absent from. They can expand each event to get more details.

  • Note that the numbers in the table will only appear once attendance is tracked for a learning event IF the staff/admin selected “Track by sessions”. If they select “track by days”, the numbers in this table will reflect approved vs. rejected requests. (This design is to satisfy the different attendance tracking requirements of different programs.)

Logging an Absence

When initially released the Absence Managment tool only allowed learners to make an absence request in advance of the date/event! This was updated in Elentra ME 1.18.1 to allow learners to request an absence for up to seven days prior to today's date.

  • From the user icon in the top right, click Absences.

  • On the Absence Dashboard click 'Report on Absence/Moonlighting'.

  • Provide the date(s), reason for absence (the reason description will display), any comments, and any associated documentation.

  • Note that leaners will see the approvers defined for the reason they have selected or they will be prompted to select an approver if needed.

  • Depending on whether track by events or track by days has been configured, learning events will display to show the learner what they will be missing. They can check or uncheck specific events as needed.

  • Click 'Submit'.

  • The Absence Dashboard will update to show the request.

  • Saved absence requests will show on the 'My Requests' card until they are addressed by an approver.

    • An icon indicates whether the request is pending, approved, or rejected.

  • An approved request will have a green check mark icon beside it. Note the numbers in the overview table will not change until the events associated with the request have occurred and attendance has been tracked.

  • If an edit is required (adding of documents, more explanation, etc.), the student may add this information to any pending request. Once a request is approved or rejected, the student will not be able to edit it.

  • If any additional information is required regarding the request, students will receive a notification on their Elentra ME Message Center (on their main dashboard). Each request will have an associated reference number which will allow for easy tracking and communication.

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