Managing Absence Requests

  • Any individual that was listed on the absence request approval list will receive a notification on their dashboard indicating that they have an approval request pending. If there are 2+ approvers, the notification will be sent once the prior individual has approved (i.e. person B will not receive a notification until person A has approved).

  • Under Admin > Manage Absences > Pending absences, an approver can look at the details of the request. Approvers are able to send messages to learners to ask for more information if required.

    • Sent messages display on the absence request card once it is refreshed.

  • If an approver would like to approve the absence, they simply select “Approve” and a confirmation box appears. Once they approve a request, a notification will be sent to the learner or to the next approver.

The possible list of approvers is set when a staff:admin sets up a reason for an absence. If the approver has been set as a user type (e.g., staff:admin), learners will select a specific approver when the put in their request.

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