You have arrived at the user documentation for Elentra ME. These pages are intended for the administrative staff and faculty who are using installations of Elentra ME. A range of topics are listed on the left and clicking on each will open a subset of menu options. We also recommend using the search tool in the top right.

If you are looking for documentation for an earlier version of Elentra, please use the version switcher in the top left.

Technical staff can find our technical documentation at

There is not currently documentation for additional Elentra applications like Continuing Professional Development and Admissions. Extensive development work is on-going for both and we will provide documentation as they are updated and released.

If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to reach out on the Slack #help channel if you have access to the Elentra Slack team or submit a question to

For more general information about the Elentra Consortium please visit our website:

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