Validate the setup

Once you have your repositories set up and linked for development, you are ready to make changes in the API. Lets make a tiny change to ensure that it is working properly.

In a browser, navigate to the top level route of the API (http://elentra-1x-me.localhost/api/v2). If you have Elentra ME installed with a different virtual host, adjust the URL to match. This should give a response something like this:

If you do not see the link above, make sure that there were no errors in the composer setup under Set up Repositories. Also check that you can run the Elentra ME application without errors.

Now lets make a change to the message that is produced by the default route. Open PHPStorm, navigate to the elentra-1x-api directory and open the directory routes/api. Edit the file api.php and you will see the message that was produced on the browser.

Change the message in some way. For example add 'Hello, World.' to the beginning of the message. Then go back to the browser and refresh the default route. You should see the changed message.

If you do not see the updated message, make sure PHPStorm is open on the right repository and that the repository that is checked out is the same as composer-api-dev.json

Reset the changes to routes/api/api.php.

You have now validated that your API and ME repositories are linked and ready for development.

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