Code Style Linting

Elentra API uses php-cs-fixer to verify that code styles are enforced.

The Elentra API repository adheres to a set of linting rules that ensures the code styles are the same across the repository. Upon a git push to a pull request, a GitHub action is run to check if the changes adhere to the lint rules.

To ensure that your code changes adhere to our code style standards, run the following composer script in your local API directory (e.g. elentra-1x-api) to fix the linting issues:

composer lint:fix

In addition, you can run the following composer script in your local ME directory (e.g. elentra-1x-me)

composer lint:api:fix

This command will run php-cs-fixer to modify the code locally to meet the code style standards. You still will need to commit the changes generated by php-cs-fixer.

The API linting rules enforce the code style standards used in the Laravel Shift project.

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