Exams Question Management Installation (Beta)
Please note that this guide is general, and assumes you have some understanding about your staging environment, and Elentra deployment.
The PR in elentra-1x-me is based off release/1.19

Testing Locally


You will need to run elentra-1x-api beside elentra-1x-me in your ~/Sites directory. The "Installing Elentra" guide on our docs page includes details on how to get that setup and working. You can find that page here: https://docs.elentra.org/technical/developers/getting-started#installing-elentra.
You will also need your scrubbed production databases.


    Import the SQL files into newly created local databases (e.g. elentra_exams_me, elentra_exams_auth, elentra_exams_clerkship or something similar)
    Ensure that these newly created databases provide access to your elentra MySQL user (all permissions except GRANT)
    Check out the Pull Request branches associated with ME-4326, for both elentra-1x-me and elentra-1x-api (feature/ME-4326-exams-question-management for both)
    Install composer dependencies
    Run migrations
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