Learners in a phase of their education focussed on clinical learning may have the opportunity to request elective opportunities. Elentra can help with the management of electives by giving students access to an elective form to complete and submit, and providing an easy-to-use elective approval process for staff.

How to request an elective as a learner

  • Click the Clerkship tab and select 'Schedules' from the dropdown menu (note that in ME 1.11 and below only learners in the third year of their program will have access to the Clerkship tab).

  • Click 'Add Elective'

  • Provide the required information and click 'Submit'.

A note to administrators, there is currently no user interface to configure the list of disciplines, host schools and number of weeks. To change the content of the form learners complete you need help from a developer.

The Elective Period the learner can select comes from their rotation schedule.

How to view and approve electives as a program coordinator

  • Navigate to Admin>Manage Clerkship.

  • From the 'Elective Pending' tab, click on a learner name.

  • Review the elective details and scroll to the bottom of the page to set the Elective Status (pending, approved, or rejected).

  • Click 'Save'.

  • Note that at the top of the page you can chose to remove the elective entirely. This means the elective won't show up on the learner profile as pending, approved or rejected; it will disappear from view.