Elentra ME 1.22
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Mapping Additional EPAs After Importing Templates
If you want to map a connection between an EPA and a milestone, you can do so through the Map Curriculum Tags tab. This allows you to map additional milestones to EPAs after you have uploaded your templates.
    Navigate to admin, manage course and select a course.
    Click CBME and then map curriculum tags.
    Scroll down to the Map Curriculum Tags area.
    Either type in and select the tags required to sort the displayed results OR click through the displayed options to create the mapping structure you require.
      You can display the results for more than one role at a time by clicking on multiple roles. Note that any already mapped milestones will still show up in the milestone list.
    Click to highlight the appropriate tags and then click ‘Save Curriculum Map’.
In this example the user would be adding D CM5.3.6 to the EPA Map for D1
Last modified 1yr ago
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