Elentra ME 1.22
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Import Key Competencies (Program-Specific)
Note that you'll only have this step available if you decided to map program-specific key and enabling competencies in import Step 2.
Use the Key Competencies Template if a program wants to import program-specific key competencies. This template organizes the information about Key Competencies decided by each national specialty committee and allows the information to be uploaded to the system.

Completing the Program-Specific Key Competencies Template

Note that the first column, Key Competency Code, is completed for you with alphanumeric codes based on the CanMEDS roles. Adjust this list as needed to match the information from the national specialty committee.
When coding the Key Competencies remember these required codes for the CanMEDS roles: Professional PR Communicator CM Collaborator CL Scholar SC Leader LD Advocate HA Medical Expert ME (The exception to this is if you have a unique CBME set up, e.g., different using different roles.)
    Complete the second column, Title, by providing the key competency text.
    The third column, Description, is optional. This will store information but will not be visible to users.
    Save your file as a CSV.

Uploading Program-Specific Key Competencies

    Remember that you'll only see this option if you have elected to map program specific key competencies.
    After saving your file as a .csv, scroll to step 4 on the Import CBME screen and either search for or drag and drop the file into place. You'll see a green checkmark when your file is successfully uploaded.
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